VSSL Compact Survival Supplies Canister


compass_cap_1024x1024 DSC_0072_1024x1024 Firestarter_1024x1024 Fishing_1024x1024 mini_first_aid_1024x1024 rope_and_razor_1024x1024 survival candle survival supplies survival trail_markers_1024x1024 VSSL_hand_1024x1024 water_and_can_opener_1024x1024 wiresaw_and_whistle_1024x1024

Having all your survival essentials together in one place makes it harder to forget that one thing you will inevitably forget. This kit from VSSL is an 8-inch long by 2-inch diameter tube made of anodized aluminum that carries your supplies: fire starters, fishing tackle, reflective trail markers, a wire saw, water purifiers, and so on.


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