TR5, the FREE Ski/Snowboard Theft Recovery System

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There is nothing worse than coming out of the lodge after lunch to finish off the day on the mountain only to find that your snowboard has been stolen.  Chances are you will not see that stolen snowboard ever again.  But now with Revolution’s new TR5 theft recovery system you have hope.

Revolution Snowboard Manufacturing, based out of Orem Utah, announced (in September of 2007) a new Theft Recovery System for the skis and snowboards they make.

During the manufacturing process, a small microchip is embedded in the skis or snowboard, becoming a permanent part of the ski/board.

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Cooperation of Law Enforcement is a key element in the TR5 theft recovery system. Revolution has enlisted the aid of the California State 2nd Hand Dealer Investigators Association (CSDIA) and the National Association of Property Recovery Investigators (NAPRI) in the design of TR5 theft recovery Internet Database.   Law Enforcement officials are able to access a special section of the recovery systems website to recover details about reported stolen snowboards ONLY at the request of a customer. No other access to Revolution’s recovery database is permitted to law enforcement or any other entity under any circumstances.

TR5 protection currently comes free with all custom snowboards designed on their board building site:

When a customer purchases a TR5 enabled snowboard he/she registers at Revolution’s recovery systems web site for free – it’s that simple.  The TR5 theft recovery system will also be available on other brand names that will be coming out of the Revolution factory.

Owners of TR5 enabled snowboards are able to access their snowboard information on the secure website. Changes to customer data in the recovery database may only be made by registered customers. RFID Integration.

Revolution’s TR5 system also provides a RFID-based supply chain, logistics, inventory control, and/or materials handling systems for retailers and rental shops.

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Here is the TR5 logo, Look for it when purchasing  your next board… especially if you want a micro-chipped core.

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