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The Best Mobile App for Skiers and Snowboarders





After downloading EVERY single ski and snowboard mobile tracking app available, and putting each and every one of them to the test (on the snow covered slopes in Utah), the best one, hands down is Alpine Replay.

Alpine Replay gives skiers and snowboarders ultimate bragging rights. it measures speed, airtime, vertical, calories, distance and more, on any mountain in the world. Compare and compete with anyone, including yourself, with the click of a single button on your iPhone or Android. You will see a basic set of stats right on your phone or log into the to see even more detailed stats, compare and compete between friends, push your stats to Facebook and Twitter, or virtually compete against your friends in 3D.

Alpine Replay prides themselves on building cutting edge technology for skiers and snowboarders. they separate your runs, identify your chairlifts by name, and their patent pending jump detection technology tells you how long you spent in the air and how many times you went airborne.

Definitely download this app for snow season!

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