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SNOCRU, Your Snowsports Mobile App

SNOCRU is the leading micro social snowsports app available for free in the app store and Google Play. SNOCRU does more than just connect you with your friends in real time on or off the mountains. SNOCRU will track your

speed, your distance traveled in miles as well as vertical feet, measure your altitude, track your slope angle, and count the number of runs you’ve done. That’s not all, SNOCRU wants you to find the goods so they provide you with detailed weather reporting for up to 1600 resorts world wide.

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On top of those 3 core functions SNOCRU has made substantial upgrades to the app by offering it’s users the ability to log in via Facebook, post to Facebook and Twitter, and a much more robust Newsfeed. Within the Newsfeed users can check in to any location that in turn will post to the Newsfeed, but also update their status to the Newsfeed. SNOCRU has giving its users choice by launching the ability to High5 Newsfeed posts, but also the ability to thumbs down posts within SNOCRU’s Newsfeed.

SNOCRU’s latest addition is the leaderboard available from within the app, but also online (  The leaderboards are where SNOCRU users can compare themselves to the rest of SNOCRU by day, week, month, and year. SNOCRU also gives users the ability to see how they compare to SNOCRU by resort. Adding a little competition should make SNOCRU users much more engaged. Whereas before SNOCRU seemed much more about the individual. Now with the leaderboards and the robust Newsfeed (with check ins and status updates) things should get interesting.

What’s next for SNOCRU? You hit 45MPH today and you have to brag about it, right! SNOCRU understands and is in the process of giving its users the ability to share the day’s track to Facebook. Rub it in, you should!

Because there are so many features to SNOCRU they’ve created a demo for better understanding. Get the most out of your app by watching,



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