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Shaun White and Kevin Pearce Full Part from Picture This

Shaun White and Kevin Pearce throwing down in one of the most memorable halfpipe night shoots in recent memory for Mack Dawg Productions’ 2007 flick ‘Picture This’.

Although the pair later became fierce rivals, to the point that their friendship suffered, back in 2006, Shaun White and Kevin Pearce were pretty much still on the same page. They teamed up at Northstar for a pipe night shoot that featured in Mack Dawg’s excellent ‘Picture This’ movie and it remains one of the most memorable halfpipe shoots committed to film in recent memory.

Here’s what filmer Brad Kremer had to say about the shoot:

The winter of 2006/2007 I made a film called Picture This. Prior to 2006 most high end snowboard films were shot on 16mm mainly because of the great latitude of film and the lack of a good video camera in extreme conditions. In 2006 Panasonic released the HVX-200. We did many comparison tests between 16mm, the HVX-200 and other camcorders. The HVX-200 convinced us that it was time for a change.

This section was my first “production” style shoot with the HVX-200. I had just returned from Finland where I was using the camera with Jaakko Itaaho and the crew. Getting used to the camera and feeling it out.

Now here I was in Tahoe at Northstar filming with Shaun White and Kevin Pearce. I wanted to take advantage of the low light capabilities of the camera so I told Shaun and Kevin that I wanted to shoot the segment solely at night. They were fully in to it. True professionals.

We shot it over the course of 4 nights. It was mid winter and very cold. It was one of the harder shoots that I had done, as were most in Picture This, because I wanted every shot to be lit very specifically. I wanted to control each and every shot. That wasn’t something that was done much back then in snowboarding. But everyone worked hard lugging the lights up, down, up and down the pipe night after night.

The result is a moody piece about two of the best snowboarders in the world riding their very own private half pipe. I hope you enjoy!


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