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Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career

After months of research we’ve launched the ‘Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career’, the most complete guide on earning a full time income as a pro skater or other extreme sports occupation. This fantastic resource outlines a step-by-step process that’ll take your passion for extreme sports, mixed with your unique skills and talents, and show you how to make money doing what you love.

How would you like to skate all day and immerse yourself in the world of skateboarding and get paid for it?Whether you’re working a job you hate, or still in school you need to understand that their are endless opportunities for you if you want to follow your passion and get paid to do something you love. Skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding and surfing are all billion dollar industries that anyone with the drive and passion can succeed in.


Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Learn Inside Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career

  • find out why you don’t have to be super skilled to be successful and earn a full time income
  • learn how to follow in the footsteps of your favorite pro skaters
  • discover unbelievable opportunities outside of just being a pro skater
  • proven tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and taste success
  • how to use the power of the Internet to build a successful action sports career
  • real life case studies of professional skateboarders, writers, marketers and entrepreneurs that are living the dream
  • find out how they got to where they are, and how you can too

Do you want to become a pro skater? Check out these questions that are answered in the book:

  • How do you get sponsored?
  • Should you produce a demo tape?
  • How good do you have to be to be a pro skater?
  • Do you need to be able to land every single trick?
  • What key things should aspiring skaters focus on if they want to make it professionally?
  • How much does the average pro skater actually earn and how can you earn more than this?
  • Should you make the move to go live in Southern California if you want to be a pro skater

Not looking to be a pro skater, but want a job in the industry? Check out these questions the are answered in the book:

  • What jobs are available in skateboarding besides being a pro skater?
  • How to find the perfect action sports job for you?
  • How do you get connected with the right people in the industry?
  • What are some upcoming trends that budding entrepreneurs capitalize on?
  • How hard is it to earn a full time income?

Skateboarding and action sports are a multi-billion dollar industry which has created many millionaires in the past 40 years. ‘Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career’ is a easy-to-read book that will guarantee your success in the cut-throat yet lucrative industry of action sports.

Of course, to be successful in the action sports industry you’ll need proven experts to guide you through so you’ll be able to rely on facts, not just theory.

This Is Why We’ve Researched And Interviewed Many Top Action Sports Athletes And Other Industry Experts Who Have Revealed How You Can Follow In Their Footsteps And Carve Your Own Niche In A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry… Starting From Scratch Without Any Experience.

This group of people include:

  • Former & Current Pro Skaters, BMXers, Snowboarders, Freestyle Motocross Riders
  • Successful Action Sports Entrepreneurs & Marketers
  • Team Managers
  • Writers
  • Ramp And Skatepark Builders
  • Clothing line creators
  • Just to name a few…

Their invaluable feedback has helped make ‘Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career’ so much more relevant and useful. It doesn’t stop there however! We’ve decided to make available to you the exclusive interviews we did, where we picked their brain for all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques on what makes a successful action sports career. Nowhere else on the Internet will you be able to access these premium interviews.

So, How Much For All This Content?

Well, Let’s Add It Up:

Product RRP $
1. Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career $39.00
2. Joe Eberling Premium Podcast $8.00
3. Alwyn van Niekerk Premium Podcast $8.00
4. Rick Thorne Premium Podcast $8.00
5. Steve Cave Premium Podcast $8.00
6. Chad Knight Premium Podcast $8.00
7. Gregg Wit Premium Podcast $8.00
8. Josh Harmony Premium Podcast $8.00
9. Abby Rokit Science Premium Podcast $8.00
10. “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram Premium Podcast $8.00
11. Brian Sumner Premium Podcast $8.00
12. Full Interview Transcripts (including additional exclusive interviews) $19.00
13. GO PRO: The Definitive Guide On How To Become A Pro Skater $14.95
14. Skateboard Company Start Up Basics $12.47

Yes, the total value of this package comes to well over $160! And the truth is that it would actually be worth every penny because you are learning from world class experts in the industry. On top of that you are getting action plans that you can follow from the get go to ensure that you taste their success.

We’ve had recommendations that we should charge no less than $150 dollars for this suite of products and it would be well worth the price. However we’ve decided that at least for now, we want this product to be available to everyone, so we’ve cut the price to a very low $97!

Limited Time Special Offer!

We have decided to out do ourselves and go one step further – if you choose to buy now we’ll give you a monumental $121.42 price saving, by slashing the sales price and making it available to you for a limited time at just $44.00.

But We’ve Slashed the Price Further! Save a Whopping $121.42 and Buy Today For Only $44!





Go ahead and buy Roadmap to a Successful Action Sports Career, read it through, follow the steps, listen to the audio interviews and read the bonus resources. We expect you’ll be right on your way to beginning a successful career in the action sports industry.

However, if you are not amazed, blown away, or absolutely delighted with the resources we’ll be making available to you, send us an email and we will promptly refund your purchase — for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter.

Earnings Disclaimer and Legal Statement

Would You Invest $44 in a Product if it Launched You into a Career You’ll Absolutely Love?  What if the Product Came With An Unconditional Guarantee?

By clicking below, you get instant access to the all the above mentioned products.


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