Pro Surfer, Anastasia Ashley’s Full-Body Workout

anastasia ashley lunge

Vice Sports cameras follow professional surfer Anastasia Ashley through a full workout with her trainer, Juan Perez. Anastasia talks with us about the challenges facing a female athlete in a male-dominated world and how her unique “circuit training” keeps Anastasia in top shape for her grueling career.

Pro athletes aren’t born. They’re created through commitment and sacrifice. And it all starts with training. With fast-moving, beautifully stylized cinematography, The NOC presents “Training Days,” a gritty, up-close look at the intense workout rituals of elite athletes. From weight training to pilates, hill climbing to yoga, sledgehammer-wielding to cycling, this series captures how world-class athletes are made. We’ll learn what motivates them to keep pushing their bodies to the edge as we witness every rep and drop of sweat on the road to greatness.

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Anastasia Ashley

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