Olya Smeshlivaya, The Snowboarding Blonde Bombshell from Russia!

Get to know Olya Smeshlivaya, one of the top 10 hottest females in action sports and the self proclaimed “female Travis Pastrana”.

Olya, 22, was born in Sevastopol, Ukraine, on the southern coast of the Black Sea and moved to Moscow when she was  6 years old. Before snowboarding, she was into skiing and professional ballrom dancing. She was thirteen when she tried snowboarding for the first time and was instantly hooked! In fact says she can’t imagine life without it now… Soon after getting on a board, she was going for more difficult tricks, entering competitions, and traveling the world to find the best snow on earth.

Her passion for boarding has led her to win the Russian Snowboard Championships in big air and halfpipe, as well as training privileges with the Russian National Olympic Team. When Olya isn’t hitting the slopes, she’s surfing, skating, playing guitar, and studying university level economics and business management. In the future, Olya plans on doing more traveling, more competitions, and progressing in the sport as much as possible.

When Olya hits the hill she’s G’d up from the feet up by her sponsors: Vans, Betty Rides, Smokin Snowboards, Dakine, Dragon, Flux, Bern, Baby-G and 69slam.


olya smeshlivaya rail

olya smeshlivaya jump

olya smeshlivaya instagram

olya smeshlivaya hot

olya smeshlivaya betty rides



Want More Olya? Follow her on Instagram or visit

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