Interview With FMX Rider Taylor Woods

We had a chance to sit down and recap 2012 with freestyle motocross rider Taylor Woods of Prescott Arizona.  For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Taylor Woods is turning heads and will definitely be a household name in the near future!


taylor woods

First off – Briefly bring us up to speed, what brought you to where you are today? Were you a racer like so many FMX riders or did you have a different background?

Taylor: I took a liking to bikes in general at an early age. Some of my earliest memories are watching mx videos or my dad ride. I never really raced a lot, but did a ton of trail riding and freeriding. Jumping was why I liked dirt bikes. So my parents got me a fmx ramp at age 14 and have bee. Doing fmx off and on 7 years later

This sport is getting so gnarly!!! I have heard that 2012 was a great year for you!! Can you tell us some of those awesome moments and opportunities of 2012?

Taylor: 2012 has been my best and busiest year. I did a lot of demos through Brigade Fmx, riders for Christ and a few others. I got to ride for the Nitro Circus 3d movie Premiere. That was a huge highlight, but towards the end of this year I got 3rd at the D.B.K amateur contest.

What is the DBK contest?

Taylor: The dbk contest is put on by Twitch and Leah Steiger. Everyone goes out. It’s always rad to ride in front of people you grew up watching on tv.

taylor woods wins

And the Nitro Circus premier? What was that all about? Sounds awesome!

Taylor: I got a rad opportunity to do a demo for the Nitro Circus in LA for the premiere of the Nitro Circus 3D Movie. It was a pretty cool experience to see Pastrana watching me ride. 

Where do you see this sport going?

Taylor: The sport is getting out of hand. It’s getting so gnarly. I think it will always progress with combos and variations. I want to see different ways to make a living riding than just shows. There is  so much talent that isn’t known about and should be making money.

What motivates you? What makes you tick?

Taylor: I love watching other sports and thinking of ways I could do that on my bike. Bmx is so amazing and I’ve definitely tried to make a few tricks look like I’m riding bmx. Like supermans.

taylor woods superman

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Taylor: No idea. I will always ride. I don’t know how long fmx will be what I do and I won’t put a time limit on it. Personally I hope to have a career that’s reliable. I’m enjoying fmx so much and taking it all in, but I can’t depend on this as my life career or retire off of this. I want a family of my own one day. I’m just a normal dude that wants to enjoy everything in life.

How about a shout out to those in your corner?

Taylor: Jesus Christ, my family, the Riders for Christ, Panic Rev, Oneal, Flo Motorsports, Moto Gate, Dirt Candy Graphics, Many weapons, Jimmie Mguire, Vince Morgan and Brigade Fmx , Dan Mcgranahan, the Loza family, Lance Coury Jr and Sr and tons more. Thank you all.

taylor woods huge air

Any final words or thoughts?

Taylor : Go like my page on Facebook to see what I’m up to and follow me on  instagram and Twitter. Thanks for all the support from everyone out there. Blessings….

taylor woods fmx

taylor woods fmx

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