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Flybikes has always seen things a little differently, taken its own approach and thought outside the box, not only with the team they’ve built or product they produce, but also the content they’ve put out. One such piece of content was a video where the focus was of a team that that saw the simplicity in riding, hanging out together by finding an every day object to ride, in this instance a “pallet” and dragged it around the city to make “almost spots” into completely fun rideable spots. Ultimately, ending a day of amazing riding using the pallet itself as firewood to keep warm and cook food over. Those were fun times and amazing memories for the team…

Now, fast forward a few years to our “Coastin” trip of Northern Spain, and with the memories of those great times of the “pallet” video stamped firmly in everyone mind, Sergio and Ruben were inspired to create a similar theme, so these “pallet-style” transitions were created. A little sketchy like a pallet, still a bit unstable, heavy, very loosely built and needed numerous repairs. They were not fun to transport, but regardless this it brought the team closer as a crew, everyone worked together to move the ramps, to create spots, much like the original pallet itself, and everyone definitely fed of each other and saw spots very differently when it came to riding them. Good riding spots basically became amazing skatepark set-ups and a lot of crazy stuff went down, on many occasions we could have spent all day at one spot, but with so much ground to cover we moved on, and on, and on.

There are no rules, no one to tell you what feels good on your bike, what to ride and we hope this site and what we did inspires you to get out there and create your own spots and have a fun on your bike no matter what that fun may be …. Good times!!!

skateboard ramp

Watch the full film where the Fly crew’s DIY approach and guidance of semi local Ruben headed up along the Northern Coast of Spain bringing it’s own makeshift, versatile and sometimes maybe a little sketchy pallet inspired ramps to create something “more” than was really out there originally, on some of the most unique and scenic locations in the world, making “almost spots” into some of the most amazing and rideable spots ever.

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