Basa Stevulova “Keep That Lid On”


stevoluvaFrom Basa Stevulova:

“Lets put it this way, How many of you wear a helmet? And how many of you do not wear a helmet at all???
Did you ever get into a situation when a helmet saved your ass? Well i already had my lesson and since then i pretty much had the helmet on all the time while riding except when riding this rail.

Basa Stevulova

I was in France with Roxy for a photoshoot. Besides shooting and filming products, riding in the park and shredding powder we always try to find some street spot for me. Im not gonna tell you the whole story how it happened i was pretty unlucky but i’m gonna tell you that if i wore a helmet this wouldn’t have happened. My helmet was in the car and i didn’t want to wait for the girls to come back because i knew i would change my mind so i dropped in without it.

Basa Stevulova crash

It was definitely a lucky escape for me and i KNOW it. Couple of stitches, new scar,sore jaw and teeth. No biggie, when i realized it was the hardest slam i have ever had and all the others ever witnessed!!!! I hope this was the last and the biggest lesson for me and i hope you guys take this as a warning !!!!”

basa stevulova crash

From all of us at Sessioned and Basa, KEEP THAT LID ON!

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