Anna Gasser

Anna Gasser




OLYMPIA - Olympische Spiele 2014, Vorberichte, OEOC Einkleidung


Anna Gasser is based in the small Austrian town Millstatt and started competing in the 2010/2011 winter season. Within that relatively short career, she was already able to snag a third place at the 6 Star O’Neill Evolution in 2012, followed by a 13th place at the Burton European Open, as well as a sixth place at the Burton High Fives in the early stages of the 2013/2014 World Snowboard Tour season. 

Undoubtedly she experienced a career highlight whilst pushing women’s progression to the next level when she stomped a cab double cork beginning of November.

See Video:

Since then, Anna has been featured in pretty much every snowboard medium around the planet making her an international star. From now on Anna is part of the exclusive group of female snowboarders who have an actual double flip in their bag of tricks, making her one of the athletes you better watch out for.

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