A Beautiful and Ballsy Electric Skateboard, the Boosted Board


boosted board skateboard

boosted board

boosted boards

Boosted_Boards_electric skateboard



electric skateboard

electronic skateboards

This sleek new electric skateboard, the Boosted Board, weighs only 15 pounds and is powered by 2000 watts, the equivalent of 2.6 horsepower.  The boosted board can carry a rider nearly 6 miles at speeds of up to 20 MPH.  This board is not only eco-freindly it’s also ballsy enough to climb hills, which until now.. that has been unheard of!

As awesome as it is… you most likely won’t see too many of these electronic boards on the streets as it sports a $1,995 price tag.

to learn more about the board and to order one, check out

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